Monday, January 23, 2012

Naughty Poetry

This is how I write my poetry except I don't usually wear my shoes in bed unless I'm getting laid
Awhile ago, I promised a naughty poem. And then I didn't like the way it went when I first tried to write it, so I gave up and got back to writing novels, blogs, stories, and columns. I did return to the poem eventually though and it even did close to what I hoped it would. It's an English form sonnet although not Shakespearean because I didn't do iambic pentameter. Keep in mind though, I'm a novelist/columnist, and don't make any claim to be a poet. But, like most girls who spent a lot of their teenage years reading and writing angsty teenage poetry, I do still have the urge to sometimes jot down a poem. This is a lovely little sonnet about how often I've been hanging out horny at home, waiting for my girlfriend to get done with her classes so I can pounce her and tear her clothes off when she gets home. Who knew sitting at home all day writing and editing romance/erotica would have such a sexy effect on me? By the way, I wrote it on a funny page in my little inspirations poetry book if you check the prompt on the bottom. Enjoy!


The Immortal Manga said...

Changes to consider? ...

Line 8: To make them your reality.
(removed "I'm going")

Line Last: Aren't all we'll need to have some fun.
(added "some")

For my homework assignment, I submit:

Darling twisted daughter, my demented little seed,
When reading through your diary, in shock I almost peed!
Confused and dazed, it seemed so wrong, I do confess, but yet,
It's something deeper, much more viscous, which has made me wet!

(PS: We need to have a nice long talk, asap, dear. Love, Mom.)

Cassandra Duffy said...

I like it!

NewsVine said...

My mother thinketh...

Oh child of mine the world sees me as mother, wife and friend,
But body's urge and mind's desire seems to hold no end.

I see you pen your pleasure trips you've taken and now plan,
Do go your wanted ways ahead, you needn't have a man.