Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Autographed Book Contest!

In celebration of paperback editions of The Gunfighter and The Gear-Head finally hitting bookstores and Amazon, I will be holding a signed edition contest!

I'll be autographing and personalizing a few copies so I decided I should devise at least a couple ways to win them.

Way to Enter #1:
As you may know from following my twitter or keeping up with my web page, I'm a big fan of fan fiction. More than that, I'm a big fan of any fan created content. If you're artistically or creatively inclined, you can enter any stories, drawings, paintings, pictures, or poems you've created that were inspired by The Gunfighter and The Gear-Head. Submit your entries to my usual gmail account: LizDarkling@Gmail.Com

The winner for this option will be selected by my girlfriend as I probably won't be able to pick just one or two that I like.

Way to Enter #2:
I can hear so many readers now saying, "Cassandra, you're so creative and well-dressed, but what about those of us who are just well-dressed?" First off, thank you for noticing and never underestimate how important being stylish can be. Secondly, I've got you covered...

If you're not into fan fiction/art/poetry contest, you can also enter to win an autographed copy by answering trivia questions about the book! Just copy the list below into the body of an email, answer them with one or two words, and send them to the usual email address (LizDarkling@Gmail.Com)

Raven Ladies Trivia:
 What color is Slark blood?
 Where was Fiona Bishop born?
 What is Veronica’s real first name?
 What did Fiona name her horse?
 How many Slark heads need to be collected for a week’s worth of fuel?
 How many dirigibles did the Ravens build to attack the refineries?
 What does Fiona call her crazy moments?
 Who promises to kill Yahweh Hawkins in Fiona’s name?
 What catalogue did Fiona model for before the Slark invasion?
 Why did Gieo program Ramen to lie sometimes?

Way to Win #3:
Let's say you're a reader of mine, but you're still waiting to read The Gunfighter and The Gear-Head until you can read a personalized, autographed copy of your very own. I totally understand how special of an experience that would be since I have an entire shelf in my office devoted to autographed books from my favorite authors and they are by far my favorites to read. If you're up to the challenge, you can also enter to win an autographed copy by answering questions about my short story collections, novella series, and vampire novel! Again, just copy and paste the questions into an email to me, answer them with one or two words, and send!
General Cassandra Duffy Literature Trivia:

Demons of Paradise:
 In “An Archeologist’s Dream” name one thing Nitocris asked Holly to bring her.
 In “An Eternal Night of Overtime” what did Brooke want to be before she turned to the fashion industry?
 In “Answered Prayers” what scent follows Jada’s guardian angel?
Astral Liaisons:
 In “The Flesh Menagerie” what do the Ice-Niners want Sonali and Claire to do?
 In “Of Pirates and Politicians” what letter do the Saladins resemble?
 In “Escaping the Colony of Hot and Cold” the colonists of Martini are divided into two classifications, olives and…?
The Vampires of Vigil’s Sorrow:
 Which college does Debbie want to go to?
 Grace’s father, Henry, served in World War II in which branch of the military?
The Grift Girls Series:
 In “The Last Best Tip” what business do Lucy and Sasha want to start with their grifted money?
 In “An Undead Grift for Christmas” Lucy, Sasha, and Lara are attacked by a gang of…?

Contest Rules
Now for the rules, because we've got to have rules in this world.

1.) If you feel so inclined, and want to drastically improve your chances of winning, you CAN enter all three ways with three different submissions. Just make sure to send them in three separate emails so I don't get them all mixed up.
2.) I'll be giving away four autographed copies. One for each way of winning and then a fourth honorable mention copy for whatever entry tickles my individual fancy.
3.) The contest will run from May 1st to May 31st, which means you have some time to be really creative and/or be really detail oriented in your research. I'll be keeping people reminded via twitter and facebook.
4.) Once the winners have been chosen, I'll notify them by email and if you're lucky enough to have won, you can specify at that point who you would like the autograph personalized to and where you would like it sent. If you want to sell it later, just tell me to make it out to eBay, but I can't promise the book will appreciate in value.
5.) I'll ship the books to the winners hopefully at some point in June at my own personal expense (so expect the cheapest and thus slowest shipping option the US Postal Service has to offer).
6.) If I don't receive enough submissions to give away all the signed copies, I'll probably feel like a loser for several days, so let's not have that happen, and then I'll probably just and up giving the autographed copies to the local women's bookstore or library.

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